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Just Like that (1994)

Winner of the New South Wales Premier’s Christina Stead Prize for best Australian work of fiction in 1995.

 “A witty, charming novel that simultaneously engages the reader in the trivial and the profound. Brett dares large issues, but never loses her sense of irony and life.”
Christina Stead Prize judges

Just Like That is funny, moving, informative and instructive in a way that is entirely its own. Reading it creates a similar effect as reading Catch 22 the first time round. Brett’s confidence and poise is resonant behind every line and sustains every page.”
Canberra Times

“Lily Brett’s third novel is about a happy marriage, the presence of death in life, the yearning for meaning and the realization that  making sense of life is sheer farce. Esther Zepler and her husband, Sean, both expats from Melbourne, live and work in New York. They are both successful – she writes obituaries for papers worldwide and he is an artist. They are also successful parents. Brett writes with great wit and a sometimes shockingly base humor which is always very funny – for my money she’s much better than Nora Ephron. Nothing is out of place in this novel as it concentrates upon Esther’s life, her pain as well as her happiness. The pleasure of Just Like That is that is has great intellectual poise while it exploits all the joys of the contemporary novel. Like Catch 22 it is a serious novel that is often hilarious. Esther Zepler is a wonderful creation. … A fabulously good novel.”
The Sunday Age (Melbourne)

just like that